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The purpose of the forum is to make known to Mexican entrepreneurs the expansion opportunities that Panama offers, especially in the ease that Panama offers to do business and the flexibility in obtaining residency, Panamanian passport and dollar accounts for investors.


Invitations are being extended to Mexican businessmen interested in learning about new opportunities and to our entire database made up of businessmen belonging to Chambers of Commerce and Business Guilds with an export mindset and international expansion.

• Propanama: Private investor service agency that offers a wide range of solutions for those who wish to do business, invest or live in Panama.
• Ministry of Commerce of Panama: Institution focused on developing and executing government policies concerning trade and national industry, foreign trade, the promotion of foreign investment and international trade negotiations on behalf of the Republic of Panama.
• Luis Campos Success story: Narrative of the experience of the Hecomsa Company on the benefits of having taken Panama as a commercial partner for the expansion of its businesses.
• EGADE Business School: EGADE Business School and new business trends.


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